What is the Essence of Our Spiritual Beliefs?

We believe . . .

in the one triune God
JESUS CHRIST – fully God, yet fully human
His virgin birth,
His sinless life,
His miracles,
His vicarious and atoning death,
His bodily resurrection,
His ascension to the right hand of God,
His personal return in power and glory,
His final judgment of the living and the dead.

GOD – Whom Jesus called “Abba” Father:
Who created the world good,
Who created human beings in His own image,
Who commissioned humanity to care for creation,
Who suffered human rebellion and rejection,
Who formed from Abraham and Sarah a covenant people to bless
the entire human family,
Who upholds mercy and justice to redeem us through Christ,
Who makes every believer a joint heir with Jesus Christ,
Who like a mother will not forsake her nursing child,
Who like a father runs to welcome the prodigal home.

Who inspired the prophets and apostles,
Who gave us the Holy Scriptures,
Who kindles faith in our hearts,
Who loves us back to life,
Who heals our brokenness,
Who claims us in baptism,
Who empowers us to speak the words of and do the
works of Jesus,
Who binds us together with all believers everywhere,
Who nourishes us with the bread of life and cup of salvation,
Who sustains us in faith as we do our daily tasks,
Who calls us and enables us to live holy and joyful lives,
Who encourages us to persevere in prayer as we watch and wait for
God’s new heaven and new earth, saying, “Come Jesus!”

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