Time to Change?

It’s hard to believe that the end of the year is only days away and we will soon be jumping headlong into 2010. New Year’s is the time we traditionally make resolutions. We isolate some area (or areas) in our life that we think needs changing and we vow that THIS will be the year that we actually do something about it.

The idea has some merit. God does call us to grow, to risk, to change. Sanctification is a lifelong process of becoming more Christ-like, so why not take advantage of a fresh new year, full of possibilities, to get a fresh start on changing something that isn’t working in your life? It seems to make sense. But why, then, is the success rate of those resolutions so dismal?

It isn’t the idea of change that is wrong, it is our method and our expectations that are flawed. To be successful in changing, we have to understand two things: change is not an event, it is a process AND we can seldom make significant changes in isolation.

If another attempt at finding freedom from sexual struggles is included in your resolutions this year, we invite you to join one of our recovery groups. Together with other strugglers, we will find the support and encouragement we need to persevere through the discouraging times and learn how embracing our progress instead of expecting perfection gives us the courage to pick ourselves up and continue the journey, even when we stumble and fall.

It takes time to change . . . but the time to start is now.

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