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The lives of hundreds of thousands of upstanding citizens, dedicated Christians and all-around nice people are being sidelined by a shameful secret

Pornography, affairs and other compulsive sexual behaviors are destroying their marriages, careers and even their own self-respect, and yet they have no clue how they became addicted to these destructive behaviors or why they seem so powerless to stop Many of them have tried and failed so many times that they are rapidly losing hope that they can ever know freedom again.

Through poignant glimpses into one man’s thirty-year battle with sexual addiction, woven together with easy-to-understand professional commentary, Now Choose Life! dispels the rampant myths and misconceptions about this little understood addiction and provides indispensable information, empowering hope and a proven way out of the grip of sexual sin for every struggler.

The unique format of Now Choose Life! invites readers to join with us as we first explore the source and escalation of Bruce’s addiction and then navigate the often-challenging road of recovery. The experiences that are share will resonate with many of you and, hopefully, begin to open windows of understanding concerning your own struggles. Both addicts and their loved ones will find encouragement and hope as they see the road to freedom unfold.

Now Choose Life! is the book the Christian community has been hungering for. It is more than just another clinical explanation of sexual addiction or an over-spiritualized treatise on the need to repent from sexual sin. It is a down-to-earth story about regular people who, in all their brokenness and imperfection, find their way out of the private hell of sexual addiction. It illustrates, in very practical terms, the process of true recovery with all its ups and downs and shows how even the most tenuous Christian can learn to partner with God to find and heal the wounds that create and fuel their addictive behaviors.

This is a story of lasting victory—not just for us— but for all who choose to embark on the journey to take their lives back from the enemy’s grip.

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