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There are many books on the market about sexual addiction. Unfortunately, most of them focus on treating the symptoms of the struggle (such as lust or sin) and not the underlying causes. Many others use shame as a means to facilitate behavioral change.

Neither of these strategies are effective in bringing about permanent transformation. Only the healing power of Jesus and His gentle rewriting of our tightly held survival lies can restore our lives to what He originally intended.

There are a few books that you may find helpful, however:

• Breaking Free: Understanding Sexual Addiction and the Healing Power of Jesus
by Russell Willingham
This is one of the best resources we’ve found. Willingham deals with issues such as what all addicts have in common, the hunt of the malnourished heart, where to find courage to face the dark side, wrestling with shame and grace, and the healing effect of radical honesty. This realistic, yet hopeful book offers a new way to see the world for every person who wants to understand and break free from sexual addiction.

• Now Choose Life!: One Man’s Journey Out of the Grip of Pornography
by Janet K. Wheeler with Recollections & Epilogue by Bruce Wheeler
Through poignant glimpses into Bruce’s thirty-year battle with sexual addiction, woven together with easy-to-understand professional commentary, Now Choose Life! dispels many of the rampant myths and misconceptions about this little understood addiction and provides indispensable information, empowering hope and a proven way out of the grip of sexual sin for every strugglers. More information here.

• Surfing for God: Discovering the Divine Desire Beneath Sexual Struggle
by Michael John Cusick
Another great resource, Cusick uses examples from his own life and his twenty years of counseling experience to help readers understand how porn struggles begin, what to do to prevent them, and most importantly, how to overcome the compulsion once it begins. This powerful book is full of truth and hope.

• When Sex Causes Heartbreak—What every wife should know about affairs, pornography and the sexless marriage.
by Janet K. Wheeler
Few things are as devastating as finding out that your husband struggles with sexual sin. This handy resource, written in simple question and answer format, provides helpful insight into fifty of the most common questions that haunt spouses. More information here.

• Out of the Shadows
• Contrary to Love

• Don’t Call it Love
• In the Shadow of the Net
All by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D
Dr. Carnes is a pioneer in the study of sexual addiction. His books are not from a Christian perspective, but they are still very helpful. In the Shadow of the Net is one of Patrick Carnes’ most recent books. It deals specifically with the unique grip of Internet pornography.

• The Pornography Trap
by Ralph Earle & Mark Laaser
Addresses the sexual sin epidemic that is sweeping through our churches and infecting both church leaders and their congregations.

• No Stones
by Marnie Ferree
As a recovering sex addict herself, Marnie has written the only book that we are aware of that specifically speaks hope to the many women who struggle with sexual addiction.

• Faithful & True: Sexual Integrity in a Fallen World
by Mark Laaser, Ph.D.
Dr. Laaser offers a comprehensive overview of sexual addiction, its roots, its consequences, and its treatment.

• Steering Clear
• Restoring the Fallen
both by Earl Wilson
Earl shares his personal journey as well as his experiences as a counselor and teacher on the issues of addiction and restoration.

Websites you might find helpful

• Genesis Addiction Process and Program . . .
The Genesis Process is a practical, Biblically-based program for those struggling with addictions of all kinds. It is a significant component of the Life More Abundant programs.

• Dr. Patrick Carnes . . .
Provides some good basic information about sexual addiction. Especially interesting are the screening tests that may help you determine the seriousness of your own sexual behaviors.

• Faithful and True Ministries . . .
Another helpful website relating specifically to sexual addiction.

• Partners On the Journey . . .
Our “sister” site, especially created to address the unique needs of the wives and loved ones of those struggling with sexual compulsions.

• Ed Young Ministries . . .
Ed Young’s Sexual Revolution message is an excellent loot at God’s plan for sexuality. Available on DVD here.

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