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Partners on the Journey is a biblically-based program that addresses the three key needs of partners:

• education
• encouragement
• empowerment

If your husband’s sexual behaviors have turned your life upside down, and you live  within driving distance of Bellingham, Washington, we invite you to join a Partners on the Journey small group. Facilitated by someone who has gone through the same things you’re experiencing now, these support groups address the very private issues relating to sexual addiction, honestly, directly and confidentially.

New groups forming soon! Call 360-223-1862 or e-mail info@lifemoreabundant for details. These drop-in groups are held in Bellingham, Washington. We welcome new members at any time.

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Help in restoring your marriage:

The pain and broken trust that sexual addiction creates often brings an end to the affected marriage. Although certainly challenging, the discovery of sexual addiction does not have to mean the end of the relationship—instead, the recovery process can be used as a catalyst for personal growth and new beginnings. Together Bruce and Janet Wheeler help recovering couples learn new ways to connect, communicate and create a emotionally safer, more satisfying and God-honoring relationship than ever before.

By appointment only. E-mail us at info@lifemoreabundant.net or call 360-223-1862 to schedule your initial session.  All counseling sessions are held in Bellingham, Washington.

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