Finding a voice

Statistics show that one out of every four Christian couples will experience the pain of an affair and an estimated 30-40% of Christian men (and a fair amount of women) struggle with some sort of sexual compulsion or addiction that is negatively affecting their life and their relationships. With numbers like that, it is highly likely that you, or someone in your close circle of friends is struggling with this issue in their life or marriage.

Unfortunately, the awkwardness and shame that surrounds the subject keeps people from talking about it . . . especially in the Christian community. We pretend the problem doesn’t exist. We tell ourselves that we can handle it—we don’t need to tell anybody. But the silence is keeping people isolated and stuck.

We NEED to talk about it. Strugglers need to know that they are not alone. They aren’t bad people. They aren’t uniquely sinful. They haven’t ventured beyond the reach of God’s grace and help. There is hope and healing . . . for THEM! Families need to know the truth about this thing that has come into their lives. They need to know how they can support their loved one in the healing process and how to stay true to themselves along the way.

Our ministry, Life More Abundant Network, is a recovery ministry that is committed to helping individuals and families that are struggling with the devastation of sexual addiction. This blog is our attempt, in a small way, to bring this struggle out of the shadows and give it a voice. We seek to make it a place where you can find education, encouragement and hope! WELCOME!

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