What is Life More Abundant Network?

Our Mission

Life More Abundant Network is a Christian recovery LMA-logo-final-webministry that offers individuals, families, and the greater Christian community a proven path to understanding and healing the destruction produced by compulsive or addictive behaviors.

We utilize a unique blend of Biblical truth and practical tools—infused with grace, acceptance and hope—to prepare hearts, lives and behavior to be permanently changed by the transforming power of Jesus Christ.


Our Hope

It is our prayer that we can, in some way, help you and your family find the hope and courage to move forward toward the blessed freedom and abundant life that we have found.


What Makes Our Programs Different?

We believe that sexual compulsions are a symptom of something deeper.

Trying to control outward behaviors without changing our internal thoughts and belief structures is an exercise in exhaustion that usually leads to relapse. White knuckling and willpower seldom bring about lasting change.

The Genesis Process, a major component of our sexual addiction recovery groups, is a Christ-centered program that recognizes that a person’s behavior is an expression of their beliefs. Instead of just focusing on removing destructive habits, it concentrates on personal life and heart changes that eliminate the need for the compulsive behaviors.


We believe that merely stopping unwanted behavior is not enough.

God doesn’t simply call us to an absence of negative behaviors. He continually beckons us toward a better life of honesty, true intimacy and freedom — a life more abundant. We are cheating ourselves out of God’s best for our lives, when we are willing to settle for living with a dangerous void in our hearts. There may be short-term relief to be rid of the unwanted behaviors, but without replacing the old with something new, we are vulnerable to filling the hole with other self-destructive activities.


We believe that a New Testament Recovery Program is most effective.

As we have mentioned, we embrace a unique model of treatment that looks at the core issues that fuel the addiction rather than just focusing on the unwanted behaviors.

We choose to use the New Testament example of grace and acceptance instead of judgment and punishment. The zero tolerance and shaming that are the basis of many sexual addiction recovery programs encourage silence and secrets and keep people stuck in self-hatred and destructive patterns.

Instead, we look at every slip and struggle as an opportunity to dig ever deeper toward the source of the internal pain that feeds the addiction so it can finally be brought to God for His healing touch.

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As a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, all donations to Life More Abundant Network are tax deductible.




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